Quick Shifts to impact your Practice

Teaching in a Project Based world is not easy. Our practice is full of challenges in our daily life - in our classrooms, in the structures of our schools, and sometimes life just gets in the way. Even after engaging in a traditional PBL training, we as teachers can be overwhelmed with balancing the idea … Continue reading Quick Shifts to impact your Practice

Interdisciplinary Projects and Schedules

The holy grail of projects design is to have interdisciplinary projects where learners can see and uncover that content isn’t utilized in a silo. “In the real world” (as we often say) we don’t have set “math time” or “Social Studies” time, we use content knowledge interwoven throughout our day to solve the problem or  … Continue reading Interdisciplinary Projects and Schedules

Why Collaboration is More than Groupwork

How long does it take to have kids make a PowerPoint? A Prezi? A Slideshow?...Ten minutes. These activities and tasks lead to a world of divide and conquer or one person doing all the work in the group. This often a point of challenge when entering into the world of Project Based Learning. We don’t … Continue reading Why Collaboration is More than Groupwork