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Author name: Aaron Eisberg

Aaron is the Learning Coordinator for the Center for Excellence. With over 13 years of PBL experience he brings a level of expertise in different organizations and ensuring students are learning content and application via authentic real world contexts.

PBL Definition

Project Based Learning- A Definition

Common Pushback against PBL- Words Matter A common pushback against PBL is that “students need foundational knowledge before they do projects.” Likewise, if we don’t have clarity on what PBL truly is…then we as teachers can’t implement with major success. Therefore, we inadvertently reinforce the failures of PBL. Project Based Learning is defined differently by …

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Teaching for Authenticity & Teaching for Transfer

Teaching for Authenticity is not the same thing as Teaching for Transfer After 12 years, I still had PBL wrong.  I still continue to grow in my understanding of this comprehensive instructional framework that I have seen empower students in urban, rural, and suburban schools. Reflecting upon my own practice, one must ask, what is …

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