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Our Efforts: The Center for Excellence @ New Tech High is part of the 501(c)3 Friends of New Tech (FONT).  The mission of the Friends of New Tech is to financially support the implementation of the high quality project-based learning program at New Technology High School.  As a 100% public school in Napa Valley Unified School District, New Technology High School is funded with the same formula as other public schools in the district.  The fundraising undertaken by the Friends of New Tech helps close the gap between public funds and what it takes to run a nationally recognized high school.

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Funding Efforts

The Center for Excellence @ New Tech High is one fundraising component of the Friends of New Tech.  All of the funds raised via the CFE go directly back to the sustainability of a training program that works with 1,500+ educators a year AND to enhance student experiences at New Technology High School.  Some key programatic elements that the Center for Excellence has supported are:

College & Career Opportunities

Each semester, New Tech High takes all 400 students to a different 4-year university, 2-year community college, or industry program.  By the time they graduate, NTHS students will have visited at least 8 different institutions with the school alone.  Examples are UC Berkeley, Sonoma State, St. Mary's College, and NVC Culinary Institute.

Project-based Experiences

New Tech High strives to provide as many authentic learning experiences for students as possible.  Supporting projects outside of the classroom often takes additional supplies, resources, and equipment.  For example, students used state-of-the-art 3D printing and laser cutting equipment to design solutions to reduce local food insecurity.

Place-based Learning

Many times the best learning takes place in the field or outside of the traditional school.  New Tech High students have taken trips to support learning in environmental science, oceanography, historical contexts, visual and performing arts, and more.
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