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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Developing Capacity of Artificial Intelligence in Education

How do we provide our students and teachers the skills and knowledge they need to use Generative AI effectively, efficiently, and ethically? Let’s partner to explore this question and embark on a journey to redefine teaching and learning through the use of Generative AI.

Our trainings focus on equipping teachers with a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI and its effective use, ethical considerations, and transformative potential. Teachers will leave with a deeper understanding of how to leverage Generative AI to improve their workload and improve student outcomes.

Our workshops are designed as one-day learning engagements, but our topic can be bundled for a deeper, multi-day experience. 

Artificial Intelligence Workshop Services

This introductory workshop provides teachers with a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and its relevance in education. Participants will explore real-world AI applications, discuss ethical considerations, and brainstorm ways to integrate AI concepts into their teaching.
Delve into the ethical dimensions of AI and digital citizenship. Teachers will examine AI biases, privacy concerns, and responsible AI usage, empowering them to guide students in becoming responsible digital citizens.
Dive into the world of personalized learning enhanced by AI. Educators will learn how to leverage AI tools to tailor instruction, adapt to students' individual needs, and create customized learning experiences.
Learn innovative ways to use AI for formative and summative assessments. Educators will explore AI-powered grading, data-driven insights, and creating authentic assessments to better gauge student understanding.
Elevate project-based learning with AI. Teachers will learn to integrate AI into project design, encourage inquiry-based exploration, and guide students in AI-driven research projects while making all content relevant for students.
Harness AI to support social emotional learning (SEL). Educators will discover AI-driven SEL tools, explore emotional intelligence development, and integrate SEL into AI-based lessons.

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