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See PBL in Action

A Project Based Learning School

Our Study Tour program is designed for teachers and leaders who want to learn more or see what implementation looks like with students and teachers.  We show what PBL looks, sounds and feels like on behalf of students, teachers and leaders?  Customize your experience and your learning on campus in one of the longest continual wall-to-wall project-based learning environments in the country. 

Choose between options: Half-Day, Full-Day and Virtual Study Tour experiences. 

Whether you are just starting your journey, or need to re-ignite staff in their implementation, this is the option for you! Learn how we have sustained implementation of PBL after over 25 years of implementation.

PBL Tour Options

SEE - image  on https://newtechhighcfe.org
SEE - image  on https://newtechhighcfe.org

Our free half day study tour begins on campus here in Napa California at 8:30 am and ends by 12:00pm. Get a glimpse of PBL in action by engaging in a schools tour, meeting students and our leadership team. Also, learn insights on how to make PBL implementation sustainable by small actionable steps. Our learning event is designed to support all teachers and leaders from elementary through high school.

Our full day option is designed for schools and districts who are at the beginning of their journey or need to re-ignite their staff. We observe classrooms, talk with students, leadership and teachers! Lunch is included for our full day experience. We meet with you prior to customize the day to meet your strategic goals. Cost is $125 per person for full day and helps raise funds for our school efforts

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