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Study Tours

Designed for teachers and leaders, this is our favorite opportunity to learn more about what PBL looks like in action. What does PBL look, sound and feel like on behalf of students, teachers and leaders? Fully customize your experience and your learning on campus in one of the longest continual wall-to-wall project-based learning environments in the country. We are currently scheduling for schools and districts for virtual tours for free!

Choose between two options: Half-Day Study Tour and Full-Day Study Tour experiences. For the Half-Day Study Tour, you choose 4 customizable modules from our menu of options. For the Full-DAY Study Tour, you choose 6 customizable modules.

 We offer full and half day long tours for groups wanting to learn more about what PBL looks like in action and how do we sustain our work after over 25 years of implementation.

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Inspire and reignite your team’s passion for learning! Our free virtual option is designed for schools and districts and to be scheduled on your time. Our goal, to share our learning of implementing high quality PBL since 1997. Contact us to inquire about options and schedule a date!

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Our Study Tours are back in person! Observe classrooms, talk with students, leadership and teachers! Lunch is included for our full day experience. Cost is $125 per person for full day. To schedule, email our learning coordinator Aaron Eisberg at aaron@newtechhighcfe.org to schedule dates.