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Design Thinking Professional Learning

Unleash empathy and creative problem-solving with our Design Thinking services. Our workshops and offerings ensure that Design Thinking is accessible to teachers and can be integrated into all subject areas.

This foundational workshop helps teachers gain a collective understanding of what Design Thinking is and what Design Thinking is not. A common Design Thinking language and framework will be leveraged as teachers create a full design challenge plan that can be facilitated with students.
This workshop builds upon the Level I and II workshops and supports teachers with tools and processes that promote continual improvement with Design Thinking planning and teaching. Recommended for teachers who have completed Level I and II workshops.
This workshop builds upon the Level I training and supports teachers with key strategies and tools needed to effectively facilitate Design Thinking experiences with students. Recommended for teachers who have completed the Level I workshop.
This workshop sends teachers through a Design Thinking experience through the lens of a student. It models best practices of Design Thinking and provides opportunities for teachers to reflect on their learning and consider implications for their own practice. Recommended for teachers at any point in their Design Thinking journey, but it can be especially helpful as a precursor to the Level I workshop.
This Leadership Series supports leaders with creating the conditions for successful Design Thinking implementation. Participants will engage in visioning and deep strategic planning to ensure that goals are supported with concrete action steps and measurable metrics.
The Coaching Series supports coaches and other leaders as they guide teachers toward continual improvement with Design Thinking. Participants will leave with concrete tools and processes to effectively coach Design Thinking practitioners.
The Pilot Series is intended for schools that want to start Design Thinking at their campus with a small cohort of committed teachers. Participants engage in a process that builds the conditions for Design Thinking to successfully scale at their campus.
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