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Learning Environments Impact on Learning

Napa New Tech High School

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Learning Environments in Education

We are excited to partner with Association for Learning Environments (A4LE), the Northern California/Nevada chapter to bring our building to life! A4LE is an interdisciplinary associate of professionals working at the intersection of learning and place to drive the evolution of learning environments. They have chosen to partner with us and host a half day experience that is open to all leaders who have an interest in learning how the intersection of design can support a deeper learning environment.  Our day will include a tour of our campus, observing our spaces and aligning how our space on campus builds a healthy environment for deeper learning. 

Napa New Tech High School Tour

Please join us for a tour on March 23rd 2023 of The Napa NewTech High School where participants will have an opportunity to explore the educational model and campus in action with educational staff and students. Tour includes breakfast, interactive exploration, followed by optional meet-up for lunch at the local Napa Ox Bow Market for networking with participants. Here is our agenda for the day.

Association for Learning Environments

Registration Fees: 
A4LE Member: $15
N0n-Member: $30


New Tech High School

Participants will learn about how New Tech High School serves as an international model for Project Based Learning and how the facilities and related design features support their efforts to provide training and professional development to people while school is in session.Participants will learn about how various design features related to architecture, furnishings, technology, and modernization techniques support the Project Based Learning model of instruction and also which industry partnerships support propelling students to their future beyond.

See PBL: Students engaged in work

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