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Feedback is an important part of the learning process so we highly value the feedback participants provide. Here are what they are saying!

How did the Study Tour experience help contribute to your learning in your PBL journey?

I think it provided a vision for what PBL could look like in our district and some ideas for how to begin the process of transitioning to Project Based Learning.

The Study Tour helped me understand and see different ways to conduct a PBL class; presentations, independent study, group problem solving, small group instruction to name a few I observed.

It broke down a lot of misconceptions that I held (that PBL is not rigorous, that students are not going to be doing enough formal writing, that it had to be all group work based, that it had to be interdisciplinary, etc.).

What did facilitators do that assisted your learning?

They took their time and work from a place of understanding that PBL can be a large concept to understand.

The facilitators let us know that PBL CAN work into our teaching style and lessons without disruption.

The facilitators did a great job of synthesizing and presenting a lot of information.They patiently and honestly answered ALL our questions.

Aaron, you were great at setting a tone that made it comfortable for everyone in our group to ask questions and share observations. We didn’t waste any time dancing around things and instead could get right to the meat of things. I appreciated the “I like/I wonder” model when we used it. Having time with Riley was important for our team as well.


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