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Supporting The Learning Struggle

Part of the ideal graduate is the skill of perseverance, grit and navigating the learning pit. This is a challenge and comes with a lot of social emotional learning along with it! Designing a project is a great way to encourage growth mindset. life-335446_1920However, this is more than just how you design a project. This training is for all educators who are interested in supporting students as they engage in a productive learning struggle. We want to ensure that students are being supported and scaffolded while they are in the productive struggle space.

In this one day training, participants will understand:

  • The process of learning new content and skills comes with a collection of complex feelings, but those feelings in our students can be anticipated and supported
  • High Quality PBL asks for students to learn and grow in some ways that schools may not have asked them to grow before, and being aware of the the Learning Struggle with skills as well as content is really important

  • Developing students’ resilience and personal ownership of learning is commonly a major part of our Ideal Learner expectations, and supporting students in how they think about their learning journey (and how they feel about their learning journey) can totally be built in!

Participants will walk away with:

  • Strategies for how to talk to students about the Learning Pit

  • Strategies for how to leverage and support students with their positive and negative learning feelings

  • Strategies for systematizing conversations about the Learning Pit in your curriculum (by way of reflections, etc.)

If you are interested in bringing this training to your school or district for your entire staff, please email info@newtechhighcfe.org to inquire about availability.


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