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Special Education Training

Providing Special Education trainings and support can be a challenge in any environment. PBL and SPED work together to be inclusive and improve student learner outcomes!

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We offer two different supports for your school or system whether you implement PBL or just want to improve your practices. 
Special Education Systems – How to efficiently create and prioritize systems
As we know, a Special Education teacher’s job is much more than just providing instruction across multiple content areas. Finding efficient systems to prioritize collaboration with multiple stakeholders, preparing for IEP meetings, conducting academic testing, prepping for instruction, supporting para educators and much more can be very challenging. This full day training is being offered to support special ed. teachers and administrators interested in refining and implementing the various backend systems required to run a successful program at the school site level. This can be run as a whole day on site or broken into multiple virtual sessions.
Accommodating for Learners In the Classroom
Students with disabilities and other diverse learning needs require adaptations in the general education curriculum in order to be successful. Supporting the implementation of such accommodations and modifications across multiple content areas and grade levels can be very challenging. Come join us for a day of collaboration with your fellow special educators, as we dive deep into successful systems and strategies implementing accommodations in the general education classroom. This can be run as a whole day on site or broken into multiple virtual sessions.
If you are interested in bringing this training to your school or district for your entire staff, please email info@newtechhighcfe.org to inquire about availability.
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