PBL Webinar Series

Overview of the PBLWebinar Series

Our PBL Webinar series supports teachers with practical professional learning on feasible and digestible timeframes. The PBL Webinar series is designed for single schools and districts, as well as open registration on set dates.

  • The Purpose: To overcome PBL’s biggest challenges in implementation, one bite at a time.
  • The Process: Interactive PBL webinar series sessions that are focused and practical in their approach.
  • The Payoff: Leave with strategies and tools from our FREE PBL Playbook to start taking action with confidence! Each webinar has it’s own unique and FREE PBL Playbook, so join us for all sessions and build your library!

SCHOOL / DISTRICT Purchasing Option

Your purchase of a PBL Webinar Series will allow you to select 4- 60-minute virtual sessions that offer strategies and best practices associated with various topics regarding PBL, which include:

  • PBL Assessment
  • Managing PBL
  • The First Days of School
  • Reflection Strategies
  • Critique Strategies
  • Public Product
  • Authenticity
  • Getting High Quality Work From Students
  • Digital Tools for Remote PBL
  • Building PBL Culture
  • Inducting Teachers, Students, Parents, Community into a PBL Mindset

We will flexibly work with schools and districts who purchase the PBL Webinar Series to identify a date that works best for them. To schedule, email info@newtechhighcfe.org.


Individuals can join others from across the nation and register for PBL Webinar Series topics on specified dates. For each topic, there is a morning and afternoon offering to best meet your schedule:

  • Session 1: 6:00-7:00 am PacificTime
  • Session 2: 11:00-12:00pm Pacific Time
  • Session 3: 2:00-3:00pm Pacific Time

Upcoming dates and topics include:

  • January 6, 2022: Raising the Bar: Fostering High Quality Student Work in PBL
  • January 14, 2022:  Dream Teams: Making Collaboration Truly Work in PBL
  • January 18, 2022:  Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Leveraging Inquiry to Drive PBL 
  • January 28, 2022: Climate Control: How to Cultivate Culture for PBL Success

Click here to register for our January dates.

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