PBL Webinar Series

Overview of the PBLWebinar Series

Our PBL Webinar series is to meet teachers where they are at in their learning on timeframes that work for them and your system. One of the many challenges that are faced in professional learning is time available and able to find whole days to provide support. Our PBL Webinar series is designed for single schools, districts as well as open registration on set dates.

  • The Purpose: To overcome PBL’s biggest challenges in implementation, one bite at a time.
  • The Process: Interactive PBL webinar series sessions that are focused and practical in their approach.
  • The Payoff: Leave with strategies and tools from our FREE PBL Playbook to start taking action with confidence! Each webinar has it’s own unique and FREE PBL Playbook, so join us for all sessions and build your library!

Each Webinar Series will include 4- 90-minute virtual sessions that offer strategies and best practices associated with various topics regarding PBL, which include:

  • PBL Assessment
  • Managing PBL
  • The First Days of School
  • Reflection Strategies
  • Critique Strategies
  • Public Product
  • Authenticity
  • Getting High Quality Work From Students
  • Digital Tools for Remote PBL
  • Building PBL Culture
  • Inducting Teachers, Students, Parents, Community into a PBL Mindset

These deep dives can also be held on your campus or for your whole staff virtually at your request. To schedule, email info@newtechhighcfe.org.

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