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Online PBL Course

We are excited to be able to support you as an individual teacher, school or district with our online PBL Course.

What we know is that during this time, we need to honor you as the educator and where you are with the current climate. We don’t just want to repackage our current content and make teachers sit in a full day virtual PD. We don’t believe that is healthy for all involved. We want to be mindful of everyone’s mental well-being.

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Our solution: An Online PBL Course and Support! We are blending synchronous and asynchronous learning.With distance learning all around us, we will continue to support all teachers, schools and districts when meeting in person is not an option. Learning can still occur and be effective and responsive to support you during this time!

A main challenge of in-person training is once the trainer leaves, what support do the participants have once they begin to implement? We solve this by including one live coaching and feedback session with every registration. Once the course has been completed, and teachers begin to implement what they’ve learned, teachers have access to an “office hour” type of support talking with one of our team members. We want to model where feedback is most effective, when it is just in time and how it is differentiated for the needs of the participant.

We have multiple offerings for your needs.

Mixed Cohorts Individual teachers can sign up for mixed cohorts. These are designed to bring multiple teachers together from all over the country. The course will have a start and end date for teachers to learn, build their work, gain feedback, implement and gain more feedback. This is designed for individual teachers or small teams of teachers at a school who want to learn more about PBL, how to implement while not having an entire school attend a conference. We will have multiple cohorts throughout the year to fit your schedule. If you can’t make the exact start date, no problem! You can start late in a cohort and still meet the same outcomes!  

Dates for Spring 2021 to be released soon.

Self-Paced Course- We know that time is tough and making time is hard for teachers! We are now offering our self-paced online course.  Learn more here.

Single School- Teachers will go through the training as a school, gain feedback, submit work and collaborate as a staff.  We will work with the school leadership to structure the length of the course to best meet the needs of teachers and their well-being.

District or Multiple Schools- Ideal for larger districts that want to roll out PBL slowly and build alignment and capacity across their system. We will work with the district to create a timeline for participation in the online training. Similar to our Single School approach, participants will be from a variety of schools in one district or system. They will design, plan, gain feedback and implement their work in the classroom.

Our goal is to provide more than “just a training” to learn about PBL. Our goal is to help you sustain your work and navigate the difficulties that exist in implementation. Each option comes with:

  • online coaching after the training.
  • live sessions during the course facilitated by our trainers
  • course content learned at self-directed pace with benchmarks
  • a dedicated facilitator who will be your guide and coach throughout the course.
  • participants will develop projects and gain feedback on their project designs
  • differentiated content to ensure your needs are met.

Once the online training has concluded, participants will have access to coaching sessions as a teacher or a small group. Schools and districts can always add more online coaching sessions to provide more continuous support for their staff.

What content is covered?

  • How to design an academically rigorous project where students grow academically.
  • Teaching and Learning strategies to get the most from your students.
  • How to provide feedback to move learners forward.
  • How you can adjust your project during the process to push learners forward.
  • How to manage the process.

All courses will be run through Canvas Learning Management System. Users can create a free account. Participants will be given course registration information upon payment. Single school and district licensing is available to minimize cost. Contact our Learning Coordinator at aaron@newtechhighcfe.org


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