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Integrating SEL, Teacher Action Research with PBL

This 3 day workshop (can be hosted on site or virtually) would seek to answer 3 of the most common questions today with deeper learning: 

  • How do we sustain PBL? 
  • How might we deepen conversations around student learning  during teacher collaboration or PLC time? 
  • How do we effectively integrate SEL into our curriculum so that it is just a set aside or “something we do extra?”  

Participants will go through a clearly laid out 5 step process that includes using planning templates, setting goals, designing assessments, learning about research-based practices, and feedback protocols.  All participants will not only walk away with a planned unit, but a concrete plan to sustain work that focuses more on the integrity of student learning rather than just the fidelity to the PBL Design Elements.  

Email us to schedule at info@newtechhighcfe.org

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