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The Center for Excellence strives to be more than just another one-off training provider.  Being one of the few professional learning programs that offers an immersive working lab experience at an innovative high school, the Center for Excellence is able to develop sustained learning opportunities for partners that are human-centered in design.

Below are a few (of the many) examples of groups that have partnered with the Center for Excellence to provide a multi-year, multi-touch point implementation of a training program.


Limerick Educate Together Secondary School

Limerick ETSS is a secondary school in Limerick Ireland. They have a student centered focused approach that uses Project Based Learning as the pedagogy to deliver national curriculum.  Limerick ETSS partnered with the Center for Excellence for a multi-year plan to train all teachers in project-based learning. As a start up school, they have a plan to scale from 14 teachers to over 80. At the Center for Excellence we have provided a thorough customized PD plan that involves both virtual and in person work to make Limerick ETSS a spotlight school in Ireland. 


Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education, Daegu, South Korea

Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education in Daegu, South Korea supports over 300,000 teachers.  The Center for Excellence first hosted a research team looking at global best practices.  The DMOE leadership then visited New Tech High in Napa to meet our team.  Over the course of a year, the Center for Excellence trained the best and brightest teachers during multiple 5 day residences.


Da Vinci Charter Academy, Davis California

Over the course of the year, the Center for Excellence will be supporting staff and leadership in revision, refinement and alignment of their School Wide Learning Outcomes. The work across the school year is broken into multiple 1 hour virtual visits followed by in person learning and alignment walks. The alignment walks are to help support teachers and leadership ensure continuity across grade levels and vertical articulation.



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