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Aaron Eisberg

Aaron started in the classroom by focusing on small groups, projects, accountability and inquiry learning. As a PBL teacher for 15 years, he developed and taught authentic rigorous curriculum using best practices to get the most academic success in authentic contexts for his students.

With Aaron’s background in elementary, he focuses on the rigor of content and learning progression in project design, implementation and foundational content. Core content knowledge and using student skills (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity etc) are drivers in student outcomes.

As the Learning Coordinator for the Center for Excellence at New Technology High School, the flagship school of the New Tech Network, he supports the deepening of project-based learning implementation and the strengthening of a student-led culture, supporting school wide learning outcomes.

Andrew Biggs

Andrew Biggs graduated as a student from New Technology High School in Napa and returned as a teacher in 2014, solidifying his commitment to Project Based Learning and the teaching of skills in addition to knowledge. Since then, he has become a New Tech Network (NTN) Certified Teacher and Certified Trainer, and has been lucky to train staff from around the country on behalf of NTN and the CFE while never having to leave the classroom. Andrew has been honored and showcased his work in portfolios and represented New Technology High School at Hundred.org (recognizing us as one of the top 100 schools in the world). A commitment to clear structures that allow for freedom in learning, like School-Wide Learning Outcomes, common rubrics and common language, drives his practice with both students and teachers.

Abhinav Dev

Abhinav is a 2011 Teach for America (TFA) corps member, beginning his career in education teaching Special Education in East San Jose. He has had extensive experience as a Program Specialist for KIPP Bay Area Public Schools, overseeing and managing Special Education programs throughout the Bay Area. Abhinav joined New Tech High School in Napa in 2019, returning to the classroom and has been very excited to grow Special Education services in a Project Based Learning model. He has worked with the Center for Excellence (CFE) over the past few years, supporting to grow strong inclusion, collaboration and differentiation practices across all instructional models and programming.

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