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PBL Intro Series

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Each Intro to PBL workshop will gain an overview of Project Based Learning and what it looks like in the classroom and how to start designing or enhancing your first projects. Each one-day workshop will have a theme that will be interwoven through the overall design of projects and with a deeper dive in the afternoon.  Participants may register for an individual workshop, multiple workshops, or receive a discount for registering for all five in the series. We host workshops on our campus and also travel to your site and provide 1 day deep dives.

Intro to PBL: Driving Questions

  • Description: How to craft and use a driving question to drive the content of your project, keep learners focused on the learning outcomes and drive the learning.

Intro to PBL: Authenticity

  • Description: Keeping your content connected to your learners and making a real contribution to society. This workshop will help you connect your content to local and global problems or issues to help them deepen their understanding of the content.

Intro to PBL: Assessment Practices

  • Description: Understand how to use assessment and feedback during the process of a project for both the individual student and the group. Individual assessment and feedback is an important driver for learners to progress. Develop a culture of feedback and self-assessment practices in your classroom.

Intro to PBL: Academic Rigor

  • Description: Ensure that learning is always at the core of your projects, tied to standards and demands a depth of knowledge of central concepts. Learners are able to demonstrate content knowledge and demonstrate life skills.

Intro to PBL: Culminating Events

  • Description: Students showcase their work and their projects, learn how to showcase their learning to their community and/or authentic audience. Projects in PBL are about more than just the product, it is about the learning, cultural responsiveness and stretching students beyond their own boundaries. Learn various ways to have students showcase their learning so that end product becomes more than just a dog and pony show!

Intro to PBL: Learning Intentions

  • Description: How do you know that your students are actually learning the content and skills they need to in a project?  Utilizing learning intentions to mobilize the standards into need to knows and actionable next steps can be vital answering the question, “how do we know that they know?”.


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