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Throughout the year, the Center for Excellence hosts professional learning events that focus on building capacity in educators and teams of educators.  As well, the CFE has established amazing partnerships with local, national, and global organizations to bring multiple learning opportunities for educators.  We are an official Certified Training Center by the New Technology Network. Below are the trainings that are open to register and we facilitate New Technology Network content. If you have any questions, please contact us info@newtechhighcfe.org

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Preparing early for whole school transformation moves your school community faster. New Tech Network’s (NTN) holistic approach to transformation has successfully guided over 200 schools and districts to their project-based learning destination. We are proud to partner with schools in our network and the Center for Excellence at New Technology High School our flagship school as a regional Certified Training Center. The services provide additional supports to your Leadership Team, School Team and classroom teachers.


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Service Descriptions:

PBL Prep: A one day workshop for individuals, grade-level, or whole school team. The primary aim of a PBL Prep workshop is to increase the teaching and fostering of deeper learning skills at a school, through the use of New Tech Network Learning Outcome Rubrics and student-centered teaching practices aligned to the outcomes. 

March 25th. This content is also available upon request.

Portrait of a Graduate: This one day workshop aims to help school and district teams identify what deeper learning outcomes look like and why they are so critical for college and career success. Connections are made between the impetus for school innovation and what success looks like in the graduates of schools. Some teams come with an already articulated “Why” and/or Portrait of a Graduate and others use this workshop to build the first iteration of one. In both cases, teams develop ways to articulate the purpose and strategy behind school innovation efforts and specific next steps to get there.

This Content is available upon request. Please email info@newtechhighcfe.org


PBL Teams: PBL Teams is a 2 day workshop with an additional 3rd day of a New Tech Network Development Coach on your site to continue the work. The Teams training focuses on: 

  • Designing and teaching standards-based projects
  • Creating a professional and collaborative culture among students and staff
  • Utilizing technology to enhance learning, and
  • Designing assessments and providing feedback targeting the New Tech’s Learning Outcomes.

Teams use several structures that we know work to transform the learning environment; a focus on New Tech Learning Outcomes, team-teaching of integrated courses where possible, a 1:1 student computer ration (for grades three and up), and dedicated collaboration time for faculty. This training is focused on leadership and school teams to attend together. Cost is per school. Contact us at info@newtechhighcfe.org for pricing.

This Content is available upon request. 




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