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Throughout the year, the Center for Excellence (CFE) hosts and provides professional learning events that focus on building capacity in educators and teams of educators.  As well, the CFE has established amazing partnerships with local, national, and global organizations and authors to bring multiple learning opportunities for educators.  No matter where your entry point might be, we have options for you. If you have any questions, please contact us info@newtechhighcfe.org

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Service Descriptions:

Center for Excellence PBL training and long term supportOur most popular pathway for schools and districts. We offer a range of one day to multiple day workshops for individuals, grade-level, or whole school team. We customize our own content based on our experience of using PBL in the classroom for 23 years to meet the needs of your school and district. Moving from theory of implementation on design to how to achieve academic growth and improve skills of students. We also have one year to multiple year school/district support options where we customize to meet your staff. We focus on knowing where staff are at in their implementation and focus on the learning during the course of their projects. We host trainings on our campus in Napa and also travel to schools around the world to support and train teachers. Please reach out to see how we can customize your path and content.

Rigorous PBL by Michael McDowell:We are a proud partner with Michael McDowell Ed.D and his book, Rigorous PBL by Design. The 3 day professional learning opportunity includes 3 days of learning facilitated and hosted at New Technology High School. In this training teachers will learn about the 3 design shifts needed to occur to ensure high impact and effect size to maximize student success at the surface, deep and transfer levels. Click here for more information.

New Technology Network Content:As the flagship and original New Technology High School, we are also a Certified Training Center by the national organization New Technology Network (NTN). Throughout the year we facilitate specific NTN content. These workshops are hosted at our high school in Napa California.Click here for more information.






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