Building Adult Connections

Building Adult Connections is important part of the learning process for students. It shows students a variety of different professions and raises the engagement of students. As on of the key components of building an authentic project, we want to ensure that we as educators learn how to connect and use Adult Connections in helping the learning for students. This is more than just presentation to a panel at the end of a project!

This training will address 3 questions:
How do we use and find Adult Connections?
What are best ways to utilize them in the learning process?
When are the most strategic places during a project to use Adult Connections?

This 1 day training can be held on your site or be held as three 2 hour virtual sessions. To schedule this training on your site or virtually for your site, email us to schedule a date:

Our Spring Online cohort is closed for registration. Thank you for your interest! If you are interested as a whole school or a district, we will personally schedule with you on special request on dates and times that work for your team. Please contact

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