The Math of Scaffolding

Originally posted at Effective scaffolding within project-based learning can be a tricky animal. Many times, we struggle finding the happy spot between a student-centered free for all and the worst monotonous traditional approach.  The difficulty with scaffolding effectively is many times it takes more time, creating scaffolds that you end up not using, differentiating … Continue reading The Math of Scaffolding

Playing By The Same Rules

One of the biggest misnomers about our work at New Technology High School is people understanding who we are.  Locally, we struggle with people having a clear perception of what we do.  We have heard New Tech High is: The small alternative school for weird students Only for students that like computers A private school … Continue reading Playing By The Same Rules

The Surface, Deep, & Transfer of PBL

I've been blessed to know Michael McDowell for some time now. Michael previously taught at New Technology High School, worked for New Tech Network, and is now currently the Superintendent of Ross School District in Marin County and author of Rigorous PBL by Design.  Recently, our Center for Excellence, a professional development program that provides … Continue reading The Surface, Deep, & Transfer of PBL