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Our approach to Project Based Learning puts learning at the core. It helps staff, students, and administrators stay focused and build sustainability. Over the last 25 years, we have learned a lot about what we think we need and what we “really” need as educators to effectively implement Project Based Learning.

The Why: Like a highly effective classroom, we are continually adapting, differentiating, and scaffolding for the needs of our partner schools and districts. We’ve seen many schools master Project Based Learning design but experience significant gaps with implementation. This gap provides an opportunity to improve teacher practice. During our support visits, we inventory the district, school, and teachers to uncover needs and next steps for their PBL or Deeper Learning journey. Schools and districts partner with us to achieve their district and school’s vision for their Ideal Graduate or Graduate Profile. These often include skills that include Critical Thinking, Empathy, Collaboration, Communication, and Perseverance. (insert your district profile here)

The What: We have used data from the field to inform our practice and support for teachers. We have developed our Teacher Tools of the Trade Series to “fill the gap” and supercharge teaching! We have developed an impressive menu of two-hour, half-day sessions that are all focused on strategies that can be implemented in ANY classroom and for ALL students. Each session is designed to be flexible in its delivery method. These sessions can be in-person or virtual and in a format that is “just right” for your afternoon staff PD time! The focus on skillsets to enhance the classroom learning environment is not only for the PBL classroom but also for schools and districts who focus on approaches that include personalized learning, deeper learning, competency-based learning, standards-based learning, and design thinking. This series is also a perfect fit for schools that just want to get better at teacher practices.

Schools and districts can pick and choose their choice off of our menu of options. Below are just some of the examples:

Here is our full list of options. Here’s our favorite part to share: if there is a session that you don’t see but need, reach out and we can design and deliver it for your specific needs! Like all of our work, we fully customize our workshops for you specifically. We are looking forward to continually pushing the envelope in the professional learning world to meet the outcomes of all learners!

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